Grief & Loss

In times of loss and pain, our mind has a tendency to disengage, becoming disenfranchised from our experience, or our thoughts and emotions become so turbulent that we overindulge them.

Facing loss can bring about an epiphany that awakens individuals and family members to the importance of healing old wounds, and reordering priorities for deeper and more meaningful relationships. In order to experience such a shift, the heart and mind must be fully engaged and present. When the heart opens fully to such an experience, one becomes less self-focused, allowing our own pain to dissipate as we become aware of our connections.

Awareness, acceptance, and meaning-making surface through the reflective therapeutic process and can help mediate difficult emotions and contribute to transformational growth. Mindfulness practice allows one to accept these thoughts and feelings as they surface, rather than suppressing or overindulging them, while the reflective therapeutic process can create the space that is needed to inspire existential awareness, acceptance of the loss and meaning-making.