AAMFT Clinical Supervision

Dr. Jessica Thomas is a AAMFT trained and certified clinical supervisor. She offers post-graduate clinical supervision, mentorship, and professional consultation.

Clinical supervision is a space to receive new knowledge, expertise, support and growth. As a clinical supervisor, Jessica focuses on the integration of systems theory, reflective practices, and transpersonal philosophy. As a supervisee you will discover how these three components work synergistically to create the transformative therapeutic process.  Furthermore, by promoting self-care, decreasing burnout, and inspiring personal growth, supervision will shape you as a clinician.

Talks & Workshops

Dr. Jessica Thomas offers talks, workshops and professional CE’s related to the subjects listed below. If you are interested in hosting Jessica for a talk or workshop please contact her for more details.

-Death and dying -The experience of loss – Grief, loss and addiction -Psycho-spiritual development -Mindful phototherapy -Transpersonal philosophy and psychology -Aesthetic interventions -Spirituality and meaning making -Buddhist psychology

Professional & Academic Consultation

Dr. Jessica Thomas provides professional and academic consultation on a case-by-case basis. The following list outlines Jessica’s expertise and interests.

-Death, dying and loss -Couples therapy -Mindful phototherapy -Phenomenology -Art based phenomenology -Self-of-the-therapist -Psycho-spiritual development -Psycho-spiritual crises -Transpersonal psychology and philosophy -Buddhist psychology -Systems theory -The phenomenology of aesthetic experience

What folks have said...

“Jessica was passionate about the subject while maintaining a curiosity and openness to other points of view. Her teaching was of the highest quality.”

“Jessica Thomas is absolutely incredible. Her self is her strength. She is engaging and she instructs with grace.”

“She is passionate about the subject and created an extremely welcoming environment where everyone felt that their contributions were desired and valued.”

“I feel a lot more prepared and as though I am finding my interest and direction professionally because of this class.”