Clinical Supervision

Dr. Jessica Thomas is a AAMFT trained and certified clinical supervisor. She offers post-graduate clinical supervision, mentorship, and professional consultation.

Clinical supervision is a space to receive new knowledge, expertise, support and growth. As a clinical supervisor, Jessica focuses on the integration of systems theory, reflective practices, and transpersonal philosophy. As a supervisee you will discover how these three components work synergistically to create the transformative therapeutic process.  Furthermore, by promoting self-care, decreasing burnout, and inspiring personal growth, supervision will shape you as a clinician.


Professional & Academic Consultation

Dr. Jessica Thomas provides professional and academic consultation on a case-by-case basis. The following list outlines Jessica’s expertise and interests.

-Death, dying and loss -Couples therapy -Mindful phototherapy -Phenomenology -Art based phenomenology -Self-of-the-therapist -Psycho-spiritual development -Psycho-spiritual crises -Transpersonal psychology and philosophy -Buddhist psychology -Systems theory -The phenomenology of aesthetic experience

Talks & Workshops

Dr. Jessica Thomas offers talks, workshops and professional CE’s related to the subjects listed below. If you are interested in hosting Jessica for a talk or workshop please contact her for more details.

-Death and dying -The experience of loss – Grief, loss and addiction -Psycho-spiritual development -Mindful phototherapy -Transpersonal philosophy and psychology -Aesthetic interventions -Spirituality and meaning making -Buddhist psychology